Hot Bods

Ooi Yee Jia, 21

Height: 1.77m Weight: 73kg

Exercise regimen: I train with the national water polo team six times a week. Each session last about three hours. On Monday and Fridays, we do high intensity land circuit for 30 minutes before entering the pool for ball drills, swimming sprints and sparring. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we do full-body gym sets lasting 11/2 hours focusing on strength and power before the pool session. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, we do stretching exercises for about an hour.

Diet: I eat five meals a day starting with cooked oats, half-boiled eggs and black coffee. Lunch and dinner are mostly regular fare such mixed-rice dishes or Western food that is available at NUS.

Tan Shi Ni, 21

Height: 1.69m Weight: 53kg

Exercise regimen: I train with the national Under-21 netball team, the NUS netball team and my club team Blaze, five times a week, three of which are netball sessions and two gym sessions. Closer to competition, there are weekly additional sessions specifically for court fitness before training and also weekend track sessions where we do interval sprints.

Diet: I try to consume balanced meals with all the major food groups but I tend to just eat whatever I feel like eating. My meal timings are quite erratic because I have a very busy schedule with clinicals at the hospital and training in the evening. I generally do not eat fast food or fried food because of a personal dislike for it.

Text and pictures by Lim Sin Thai

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