Hot Bods

Shaun Yeo, 30
Architectural executive

Height: 1.79m Weight: 65kg

Exercise regimen: I work out five times a week, alternating between gym and swimming sessions. Each gym session focuses on either the chest, the legs or the arms. I usually train my shoulders by swimming breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly.

Diet: During my bulking-up phase, I load up on proteins such as egg white for breakfast, rice and meat for my other meals, especially for dinner. I also try to have at least a litre of milk a day. I do not avoid any food in particular. I enjoy roti prata with egg and onions, coupled with iced Milo, as my favourite indulgence.

Gladys Yuen, 20

Height: 1.76m Weight: 56kg

Exercise regimen: I visit the gym once a week, and I focus on weight training and working on my core muscles. I also run 3km twice a week.

I do not spend a lot of time playing sports but I have been dancing since I was six and it has helped me increase my stamina.

Diet: My diet consists of just about anything and everything, but all in moderation. I do avoid fried food and especially potato chips.

Text and pictures by Alphonsus Chern

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