Hot bods

Text and pictures by Desmond Wee

Marvin Soh, 25

Assistant manager

Height: 1.67m Weight: 63kg

Exercise regimen: I do weightlifting six days a week and twice a week, I target different body parts that I want to improve. I lift as much as I can (three-12 repetitions) in the strictest form, as I know that's best for muscle hypertrophy. During my off-season, I tend to try different training programmes to challenge myself to better understand how my body reacts to them. My body takes some time to show results, so I train smartly and with patience.

Diet: Cheat day once a week is fine for me, as long as I keep my food intake relatively "clean" on the other days. I rarely drink alcohol and I avoid fried food while maintaining a ratio of 50:30:20 for carbohydrates, protein and fat. The ratio changes when I am preparing for a physique show, usually with higher protein (around 150g) and lower fat (below 50g).

Candice Johanis, 30

Business owner and wellness coach

Height: 1.60m Weight: 52kg

Exercise regimen: I work out two to four times a week, depending on my schedule. I do a variety of exercises such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), weightlifting and Bodypump, so that my body doesn't get accustomed to just one type.

Diet: I don't have a specific diet because I cannot eat clean. I'm a foodie by nature and I love to eat, especially sweet stuff. However, I balance my cravings with Herbalife nutritional products. I have shakes and supplements on a daily basis to maintain my health and shape.

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