Hot bods

Text and pictures by Alphonsus Chern

Danial Bawany, 22

Physiotherapy undergraduate

Height: 1.79m Weight: 90kg

Exercise regimen: How I train depends on what sport I am preparing for - strongman, powerlifting or bodybuilding. My training consists of strength and conditioning in the first session, followed by isolation and hypertrophy in the second. On my rest days, I try to keep myself active.

Diet: If I am training for strength, I would have a basic high-calorie diet, containing 50 per cent protein, 35 per cent carbs, and 15 per cent fats. If I am trying to get lean, I will eat more carbohydrates on some days to promote muscle growth, and less carbohydrates on other days to minimise fat gain.

Shane Phung, 20


Height: 1.56m Weight: 46kg

Exercise regimen: I run 15km every week, and work out three times. These workouts consist of two sets of 10 crunches, rowers, bicycle sit-ups, planks, jack knives, and leg raises for my abs, and variations of leg lifts at all angles.

I sail recreationally, and do in-line skating once a week.

Diet: My breakfast is one serving of Greek yoghurt, two eggs and toast, lunch is rice or pasta or noodles. I have salad for dinner and fruits for supper. I avoid processed, preserved and charred food.

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