Hot Bods

Preston Sin, 21
National serviceman

Height: 1.67m
Weight: 62kg

Exercise regimen: I usually train three to four times a week with my friends at Safra EnergyOne and ActiveSG gyms. I incorporate both bodybuilding style and strength training into my fitness regimen. My workout ranges any time from an hour to 11/2 hours. I rotate my training between upper, lower, and full-body splits.

Diet: I eat three standard meals a day. However, I have a pre-workout meal before I go to the gym. Breakfast is usually a protein shake, eggs and sometimes fruits and nuts. Lunch is usually carbs such as brown rice or white rice, with meat and vegetables. I keep dinner small and usually eat only meat and vegetables. I believe in moderation, thus I do not avoid foods. I still have my favourite fried chicken.

Charlene Tan, 24
Banking executive

Height: 1.65m
Weight: 53kg

Exercise regimen: I visit Gymm Boxx twice a week, where I spend around two hours training with equipment and incorporating Olympic bar squats with occasional deadlifts. I attend circuit training classes every week at True Fitness where I'm put through a one-hour full-body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise to maintain my stamina and endurance.

Diet: I am not particular with my diet but a protein shake after my workouts is necessary. I lose muscle mass easily, so I have about four to five meals a day.

Text and pictures by Lim Yaohui

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