Hot Bods

Michael Mak, 24

Full-time national serviceman

Height: 1.75m Weight: 80kg

Exercise regimen: I mainly do hypertrophy workouts to effectively induce muscle growth. My training consists of high repetitions combined with heavy weights. I love to keep workouts simple, focusing on every detail of each muscle group. I used to be in the school basketball team, and still play occasionally. In order to maintain motivation to exercise regularly, I kickbox to increase the variety of exercises I do.

Diet: My diet usually consists of lean meat, vegetables or fruit. I always avoid eating skin on meat, and high glycemic index food like white rice and white bread. My favourite food is sashimi, as it is high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. For dessert, waffles with ice cream.

Zaneta Lai, 19


Height: 1.61m Weight: 45kg

Exercise regimen: I train in muay thai three times a week; each session including 100 kicks and knees, and one minute of speed punching. I warm up by running for five minutes and skipping, then cool down with abdominal exercises like pushes, crosses, Russian twists, crunches, sit-ups, as well as front and side planks. I play team sports like netball and swim whenever I can.

Diet: I pick healthier options like wholemeal bread, brown rice, olive oil, and sugar-free drinks. I load up on carbs and have a banana before workouts. I avoid artery-clogging oily, deep-fried food. I also avoid having too much sugar, and take my coffee black. At the end of every meal, I always have a cup of tea or warm lemon water to detox.

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