Hot Bods


Hoe Chin Chua, 20


Height: 1.74m Weight: 74kg

Exercise regimen: I go to the gym six days a week for about 11/2 to two hours each session. Every day I will try to implement workout for different muscle groups, focusing on one main group each time, alternating between my upper and lower body. My favourite exercises are lat pull down, T-bar row and low row because they target my rhomboid and I feel it is important to have a strong back.

Diet: I aim to eat 3,500 calories a day, while abstaining from fried food, fast food and junk food. I eat chicken chop once in a while as my cheat meal. I drink fresh fruit juices every day to hit the recommended vitamin intake. For my meals, I try to go for chicken rice, either steamed or roasted, but I always ask for breast meat which is leaner.

Kimberley Winona Jeremiah, 19


Height: 1.55m Weight: 42kg

Exercise regimen: I do physical training every morning, which includes push-ups, crunches, flutter kicks, mountain climbers and squat jumps. I also run twice a week, 5km each, and I go to the gym once in a while to lift free weights. I am currently working on my chin-ups.

Diet: I don't have a particular diet, I eat three square meals a day with no snacks in between and replace sweet drinks with plain water. I prefer to cook my own meals, because I can control the amount of salt and preservatives that go into my food. When I eat outside, I ensure my meals have the right amount of nutrients. Moderation is key.

Text and pictures by Marcus Tan

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