Hot bods

Text and pictures by Joyce Fang

Marcus Ong, 28
Infocomm technology executive

Height: 1.75m Weight: 56kg

Exercise regimen: I train five times a week with a routine that focuses on running, and supplementary exercises that include lifting weights and doing plyometric workouts. Such workouts are high-intensity exercises involving quick movements such as high knees and butt kicks. I also play tennis and basketball with my friends.

Diet: I prepare my own meals six times a week and these centre around steamed chicken, fish and lots of vegetables. On the day that I don't cook, I indulge in pizza or fried food.

Karen Huang, 40

Height: 1.65m Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: I do ashtanga, hot yoga and gymnastics twice a week each, when time permits. When I have time for some cardio, I also run and throw in some skipping. When work gets busy, I shuffle things around and might have to skip my workouts, which makes me somewhat grouchy.

Diet: I eat pretty much what I want while watching my carbs and saturated fats. But I do have a weakness for packaged cereals and all kinds of sweets like chocolate, ice cream and cookies, which makes my high sugar intake the worst thing about my diet.

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