Hot Bods

Benedict Koh Wei Guo, 23


Height: 1.75m Weight: 83kg

Exercise regimen: I hit the gym six times a week. I split up my workout, devoting one day to each muscle group - chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, abs and calves. I prefer hypertrophy training. In addition, I try my best to incorporate some cardio exercises after my workout, such as jogging or even doing some high-intensity interval training to keep my metabolism rate high.

Diet: I do not follow a strict diet but ever since I learnt how to count my macros, I try my best to meet my daily requirements of protein, fat and carbohydrate. When I am eating out, I usually go for healthier options. However, I have one or two cheat meals every week, such as pizzas.

Laurel Lim, 21


Height: 1.64m Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: I go for muay thai classes and I've been practising it leisurely since my poly days. On top of that, I also like to do body weight exercises and high- and low-intensity runs. I try my best to be active every day to maintain high metabolism rates.

Diet: I eat healthy by cooking my own meals. If not, I try to choose healthier food outside. I usually prepare quinoa and broccoli with different proteins like salmon or tofu. I adjust the sodium levels and mix and match to my own liking each day. But I do have my cheat meal once every week.

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