Hot Bods

Vince Ong Li Jie, 19

Full-time national serviceman

Height: 1.68m Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: I like to do a "giant set" (a circuit of four or more moves for one body part with little to no rest in between) and a "drop set" (an extended set of moves) for my last set of workouts to really push my limits. In my junior college days, I was in the track and field club. I was also in the national taekwondo demonstration team when I was younger.

Diet: My on-season diet is strict: chicken breast, broccoli, rice or sweet potatoes, while my off-season diet is flexible: clean-packed meals to save costs and reduce caloric intake. I avoid fried food mainly because I dislike it, not just because it is bad for my health.

Maverlyn Low, 20


Height: 1.75m Weight: 58kg

Exercise regimen: I do pilates at least thrice a week, following an easy regime such as "blogilates" on Youtube because it is fast, simple and it keeps me on track. I also recently cycled from East Coast to Gardens by the Bay with my family. I played for my school basketball team for three years. Now, I am more into outdoor sports such as trekking and diving. I recently obtained my Scuba Schools International certification.

Diet: For breakfast, I usually have Greek yogurt with fruits. I have salad for at least three lunches a week and a balanced dinner of protein and carbs such as fish and rice. I love rice, so I have rice everyday in moderate amounts. I avoid sauces or gravy on my food because I don't like soggy food and it might be harder to watch the sodium intake. My favourite food is Indian because of its bold spices and I like my food with a spicy kick.

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