Hot Bods

Greg Ho, 34
Professional wrestler

Height: 1.68m Weight: 68kg

Exercise regimen: I wrestle professionally and train two to three times a week. Each session consists of gymnastics-based rolls, conditioning like squats and burpees, and drills which emphasise strength, coordination and balance. On top of that, I go to the gym three times a week and try to incorporate electrical muscle stimulation into one or two sessions.

Diet: Besides having two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, I do not have a specific diet. I avoid consuming carbohydrates at night and usually have mixed rice for the rest of my meals. I try to stick to steamed vegetables and non-oily meats. I am also slowly transitioning to eating brown rice.

Esther Lam, 27
Healthcare professional

Height: 1.62m Weight: 49kg

Exercise regimen: I pole-dance two to three times a week and do hot yoga four to five times a week. Each session lasts about an hour. During pole-dancing classes, I work on my entire body, emphasising heavily on core strength. It also serves as a good form of cardio.

Diet: I make it a point to have wholemeal bread and low-fat cheese or whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk for breakfast every morning. I completely avoid carbohydrates for lunch and dinner, and eat mostly chicken breast, fish and lean beef. Tofu is also a big part of my diet. I avoid fried food and treat myself to ice cream once in a while.

Text and pictures by Mark Cheong

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