Hot bods

Text and pictures by Desmond Wee

Jeremy Soh, 20


Height: 1.75m Weight: 71kg

Exercise regimen: I weight-train six times a week, hitting a different muscle group each day. I always do heavy compound exercises, such as squats, dead-lifts and bench presses, for my first few exercises because they are the best to grow or maintain your muscle mass. I finish off my workouts with isolation exercises.

Diet: I am on a high-protein and low-carb diet in order to lose weight, as I am preparing for an upcoming physique competition. I prepare my own meals, which include egg whites, sweet potato, asparagus and chicken breast. I seldom eat out unless it is my "cheat" meal, which I still keep relatively healthy.

Liew Chay Huey, 20

Polytechnic graduate

Height: 1.64m Weight: 56kg

Exercise regimen: I gear up with weights for my upper body three times a week and go for 10- to 30-minute runs at least twice a week. I tone my muscles by stretching before and after workouts - which also help in my muscle recovery.

Diet: I eat a high-protein, low-fat diet with moderate carbs. I do not eat out often and I like to pack my own food, such as chicken breast and fish. I do not add salt and oil in my cooking and I cut out processed food.

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