Hot Bods

Nicholas Jacob Chong, 27
Freelance personal trainer
1.75m  Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: I work out six days a week lifting weights. Each day, I target a different muscle group, letting them rest for two days before I work on the same muscle group again. On non-gym days, I do cardio exercises like swimming, running, and I recently took up cycling.

Diet: I like food but during my off-season in bodybuilding, I try to eat about 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day. I am trying to grow bigger and I believe in a well-balanced diet. I try to take less sodium in my food. On days when I have more sodium, I try to take less carbs.

Tyen Ying Fong, 20
1.62m  Weight: 53kg

Exercise regimen: I lift weights about five times a week. I like working my lower body but because my back is weaker, I now train my back twice a week as well. On other days, I train my shoulders and abs. I incorporate some cardio workouts like running but I keep them to a minimum to retain my muscle mass. When training for bodybuilding competitions, I do a higher number of repetitions with less rest.

Diet: I eat a high-protein, low-fat diet with moderate carbs. I do not eat out often and I like to pack my own food, such as chicken breast and fish. I do not add salt and oil in my cooking and I cut out processed food from my diet.

Text and pictures by Ong Wee Jin

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