Hot Bods

Muhamad Hafiz Sazali, 32

Full-time calisthenics practitioner

Height: 1.67m Weight: 59kg

Exercise regimen: I commit myself to calisthenics and or bodyweight workouts every day and attend yoga classes every three days for flexibility and peace of mind from the busy world. Yoga's breathing technique also helps me gain better control and focus in my calisthenics routines.

Diet: I adopt intermittent fasting - eight hours of eating window and 16 hours of fasting a day. I do this four to five times a week. I do have a 'cheat' day on weekends. I do not restrict myself to just having salads. In fact, I still enjoy my mother's rendang. I indulge in fruits and I always have a pack of dates in my bag.

Jolene Lim Yi Lian, 32

Full-time yoga practitioner

Height: 1.58m Weight: 47kg

Exercise regimen: Yoga is a great exercise to build up strength, enhance flexibility, improve balance and boost overall well-being. I have recently embarked on weekly calisthenics training. As for cardio workouts, I am an avid jogger and swimmer.

Diet: I love carbs, especially rice, bread and potato. The trick is to eat them in the daytime so that I can burn the calories by being active throughout the day. I am a huge fan of egg white, tofu and beans. I do not take red meat, and rely on chicken, fish and spinach for my iron intake. I have eliminated indulgences like cookies, chips, ice cream, cakes, and milk chocolate. To curb these cravings, I make my own smoothies.

Text and pictures by Kevin Lim

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