Hot Bods

Ang An Jun, 21, Undergrad

Height: 1.87m Weight: 82kg

Exercise regimen: Being part of the national water polo team means that I train six times a week, 21/2 hours each session. We start with a short land circuit training, water polo drills and then a training game. In addition to that, we have two gym sessions per week.

Diet: I have three to four meals a day. I eat a lot of carbohydrates due to the high physical demands of training. I avoid oily and fried food and ensure a balance of vegetables and fruits in every meal.

Zee Rosy Roziana, 34, Executive assistant

Height: 1.62m Weight: 62kg

Exercise regimen: I used to be overweight most of my adult life. I turned to weight training to lose fat and burn calories. I have weight training four to five times a week. These are high-intensity interval training with a period of short rest between sets. Besides working with free and machine weights, I do exercises using my body weight as resistance, such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and burpees.

Diet: I have four meals a day and I eat until I am 80 per cent full. My protein comes from lean meat, usually grilled. I like steamed or grilled vegetables such as asparagus and spinach. My cheat day is once in a fortnight when I have hawker food and maybe ice cream.

Text and pictures by Lim Sin Thai

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