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Timothy Leong
Timothy Leong

Timothy Leong, 23 
SMU accounting student

Height: 1.70m Weight: 73kg

Exercise regimen: I have taken part in competitions such as Nutriman 2015 and Physique War 2015. But now that it's off-season, I try to train sustainably. I go tomy school gym three times a week. I do powerlifting - squats, bench presses and deadlifts. My principle is to train like a powerlifter but look like a bodybuilder. Besides gym, I also do high-intensity interval training once or twice a week. This involves sprints or static exercises that usemybody weight.

Diet: I avoid junk food, alcohol and sweets. I drink lots of water and eat fruits. I have three normal meals a day .

Gisele Lim, 37 
Special education teacher

Height: 1.71m Weight: 62kg

Exercise regimen: I go to the gym six times a week and do a mixture of weights. I also do cardio training such as spinning, which is indoor cycling, for about one to two hours. On Monday, I work onmy legs, on Tuesday,my back, and so on.

Diet: Mydiet is close to a paleo diet. I try to eat as natural and organic as possible. But I do use some sauces such as soya withmymeals, and they are considered processed food. I usually steam or grill fish and vegetables. Meats are from grass-fed animals and hormone-free. I have cheat meals at least once a week, when I indulge in cakes and ice cream.

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