Hot Bods

Left: Alan Chiang, 34. Right: Colleen Ang, 50.
Left: Alan Chiang, 34. Right: Colleen Ang, 50. PHOTOS: Joyce Fang

Alan Chiang, 34

Civil servant

Height: 1.7m Weight: 65kg

Exercise regimen: To train for the Ironman 70.3 Shanghai last month, I swam twice a week for about an hour. I also cycled four times a week - one long ride of 80km, one mid-distance ride of 50km and two indoor sessions. I ran three times a week - one track session, a long run of about 15km and finally a tempo run of 10 to 12km, where I started easy and ended off faster.

Diet: I usually avoid fried food, and eat everything in moderation. My favourite food is wonton noodles. It is a balance of carbs, protein from meat and fibre from vegetables. I also eat an apple a day and drink lots of water.

Colleen Ang, 50

IT operations sales

Height: 1.61m Weight: 52kg

Exercise regimen: I run and ride three to five times a week, running about 10km each time. For riding, on weekdays, I will spend an hour on my bike trainer. Long rides are reserved for weekends, usually covering 70-90km which takes two to three hours. I take leisurely runs with my dog Jiro as well. Jiro's dog agility class every Sunday at Peak Agility Training Centre is also exercise for me as the sessions are like interval training. I do strength training at home once a week with free weights and resistance bands.

Diet: I believe in moderation when I eat. I try to eat fewer carbs like rice and noodles. I do eat a lot of protein such as meat because it helps in muscle recovery, and also vegetables and fruits. I don't drink sodas, but lots of water instead.

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