Hot Bods

Text and pictures by Seah KwangPeng

Evan Chee, 34

Wellness products researcher

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 63kg

Exercise regimen: I run daily, covering between 8km and 35km each time. Twice a week, I do body-strengthening exercises for half an hour after my runs. I play tennis for leisure occasionally and will try to run to any venue, instead of driving.

Diet: I have cereal and millk for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, it is usually rice or noodles with one serving of meat, vegetables and tofu or potato. I do not restrict my diet but, around one month before any marathon, I do not eat any fatty food, or go for food and drinks that are high in sugar content. I do not have supper and I eat in moderation.

Jennifer Quek, 43


Height: 1.52m

Weight: 49kg

Exercise regimen: I run three times a week, covering about 8km on weekdays and 20km on weekends. I also do plank exercises daily. Besides running, I also swim 30 laps and cycle up to 90km once a week. I hope to continue running till I am 70 as it keeps me healthy and helps me to de-stress after a long day at work.

Diet: I always have three egg whites and coffee for breakfast, and fish with rice or noodles for other meals. About three months before any marathon, I keep to a strict diet of salad with chicken breast meat for lunch, and muesli consisting of oats and fruits for dinner. I don't go for supper or fast food but indulge in durian occasionally.

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