Hot Bods

Left: Muhammad Alhafiz Choma'at, 26. Right: Nur Zaafarani Choma'at, 23.
Left: Muhammad Alhafiz Choma'at, 26. Right: Nur Zaafarani Choma'at, 23. PHOTO: DESMOND WEE

Muhammad Alhafiz Choma'at, 26


Height: 1.74m Weight: 69kg

Exercise regimen: As I am an obstacle-course runner, my routine needs to be all-rounded. In a typical five-day week, there will be three runs besides functional exercises, plyometrics and mobility work. The other two days are for strength-building routines like squats, dead lifts, bench press and pull-ups.

Diet: I enjoy food responsibly, with the occasional junk food. My three main meals consist of 60 per cent of carbohydrates, with two snacks during breaks, as my training and sport require mainly carbohydrates as fuel. Oatmeal, sweet potatoes and wholemeal breads are my preferred carbohydrate sources. The snacks will usually be a scoop of protein shake, some almonds and digestive biscuits.

Nur Zaafarani Choma'at, 23

Lifestyle adviser

Height: 1.56m Weight: 55kg

Exercise regimen: I enjoy tackling obstacle courses and weight lifting. I always mix my training programmes, while maintaining a traditional and progressive training style. My routines feature heavy components like dead lifts, back squats, chest press, shoulder press and hip thrust. I'll also do muscle isolation exercises to meet my fitness goals.

Diet: I track my calories from time to time as I enjoy flexible eating. I prefer a more practical diet, which is looking at portion plating, considering my lifestyle and long working hours.

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