Hot Bods

Left: Eugene Toong, 36. Right:Elizabeth Chua, 27.
Left: Eugene Toong, 36. Right:Elizabeth Chua, 27.PHOTO: WANG HUI FEN

Eugene Toong, 36

Senior associate of bank operations

Height: 1.82m Weight: 78kg

Exercise regimen: Apart from the crossfit and water trainings that the dragon boat team do on weekends, I also try to go to the gym four times a week. As I ramp up training towards the DBS Marina Regatta, workouts change from focusing on strength and endurance to more explosive movements with less rest between sets.

Diet: No specific diet. Breakfast is a protein shake with oats, mainly for convenience, and dinner's usually home-cooked food. I try to load up on carbohydrates the day before races or hard trainings.

Elizabeth Chua, 27

Relationship manager

Height: 1.59m Weight: 56kg

Exercise regimen: Our dragon boat team do strength trainings on Mondays and crossfit on Wednesdays, and water trainings on weekends. On non-training days, I occasionally hit the gym for light exercises and stretching or go for a recovery swim. I try to balance out my week, as sufficient rest and recovery is just as important as training.

Diet: I make it a point to have balanced meals. Now that we're close to the DBS Marina Regatta, I try to load up on healthier food. It means avoiding fried and oily food (including fast food), to ensure my body is in the best condition.

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