Hot Bods

Tiat Lim (left) and Yan Lin (right).
Tiat Lim (left) and Yan Lin (right).

Text and pictures by Neo Xiaobin

Tiat Lim, 47

Gym owner

Height: 1.76m

Weight: 76kg

Exercise regimen: I do two FitRX classes a week. It is a signature 60-minute, high-intensity training class at Bespoke Fitness that includes callisthenics, resistance and burst cardio. I have four days of hypertrophy regimen, which is weight training to put on lean muscle mass. On Sundays, I rest. I used to be obese and had high cholesterol. I believe in transforming lives through fitness and attaining real fitness through proper exercise, nutrition and rest.

Diet: My motto is "eat clean, get lean". I have three balanced meals a day, plus supplements. A balanced meal for me is proteins (mainly meats), complex carbs (mainly brown rice), and leafy vegetables. I eat clean throughout the year. I love Asian and local food like rendang and curries, so we make them without oil and sugar. Healthy food can still be delicious.

Yan Lin, 36

Head coach

Height: 1.69m

Weight: 61.5kg

Exercise regimen: In a week, I will attend two or three FitRX classes for callisthenics, resistance and burst cardio. I do four days of hypertrophy regimen. I also do Olympic-style weightlifting three days a week. On my rest days, I either swim or rock climb to relax.

Diet: I believe in a home-cooked diet with no "soap", which stands for no sugar, no oil, no alcohol and no processed food like white rice, noodles, flour, etc. For me, gym plus kitchen equals results. I like to do experiments in the kitchen and make healthy desserts like chocolate truffles and cheesecake, but 100 per cent clean, yet delicious. I eat out at most once a week for social reasons, and that is one of the rare occasions when I will have outside food.

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