Hot Bods

Charles Spencer (left) and Becky Xia (right).
Charles Spencer (left) and Becky Xia (right).ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN

Text and pictures by Ong Wee Jin

Charles Spencer, 32

IT security management consultant

Height: 1.81m

Weight: 84kg

Exercise regimen: I exercise every day. The foundation of my training is weightlifting: a 45-minute session at 6am and two compound movements like deadlifts and squats or bench and pull-ups for 30 minutes. This is always followed by high tempo, dynamic resistance training like ball smashes, sledges, body weight circuit. I've started to swim a lot more since moving to Singapore. I'm a complete amateur at yoga but it challenges my weakest points, so the value is high.

Diet: I delay breakfast until after 9am and stop eating about 7pm. I eat often and have smaller meals. They are rarely heavy-duty carb dishes, always protein heavy and I keep simple sugars out of my diet. My vice is peanut butter. I'm not overly strict. I'm also a coffee addict but I only ever drink it black.

Becky Xia, 35

Sales director

Height: 1.55m

Weight: 46kg

Exercise regimen: I started exercising only one year ago. I was skinny and felt weak as I had never exercised. I started with Muay Thai. Now it's Muay Thai once a week and weights four to five times a week, one to two hours each session. Every session will be focused on one body part. Every morning I do some cardio, like inclined treadmill walking for about 30 minutes. I really enjoy the exercise. For me, the motivation is to get stronger; it was never about the body image.

Diet: Previously I ate out at hawker centres and restaurants a lot, which is a bit unhealthy because of the amount of oil and salt used. I try to cook at home which is a lot healthier. My diet is high in protein and low in fats. I usually eat salad for lunch. For dinner it's steak, chicken or fish. The key is to eat higher quality protein and lower unhealthy fat and less processed carbs. On weekends I don't really control my diet, so I eat anything like steamboat, pizza or fried chicken. No soft drinks or alcohol.

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