Hot Bods

Douglas Soh (left) and Quah Sze Tin (right).
Douglas Soh (left) and Quah Sze Tin (right).

Text and pictures by Chong Jun Liang

Douglas Soh, 26

Civil servant

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 70kg

Exercise regimen: My exercise routine is to do strength training at the gym thrice a week. In between those days, I do some light cardiorespiratory exercises that help me to recover from the gym sessions. I also play canoe polo during the weekends.

Diet: I adhere to a nutritious diet. I ensure that I get adequate protein intake but I am not too averse to carbohydrates or food that contain some fat. Proper hydration is also important in aiding training performance and it also prevents me from overeating.

Quah Sze Tin, 25

Business analyst

Height: 1.60m

Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: I do cardiorespiratory exercises such as swimming, Zumba and running two or three times a week. I have started regular gym sessions and focus on light strength training.

Diet: I eat home-cooked meals whenever possible and I try to eat more vegetables. My mum is also a positive influence in my eating habits and ensures that I get enough nutrition for my daily activities.

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