Hot Bods

Zameer Malik (left) and Jayashre Sacadevan (right).
Zameer Malik (left) and Jayashre Sacadevan (right).PHOTOS: KHALID BABA

Text and pictures by Khalid Baba

Zameer Malik, 31

Fitness club manager/trainer

Height: 1.68m

Weight: 83kg

Exercise regimen: My hobbies are exercising and outdoor sports. I go to the gym for body workouts such as shoulder press, upright row, side, front and rear delt raise, biceps curl, EZ-bar curl, triceps press and overhead single press.

Diet: I do eat clean but still enjoy any other food. On most days I will have oatmeal and protein shakes for breakfast. Lunch is steak and rice, while I have salmon and rice for a pre-workout meal. I have chicken and vegetables for dinner plus supplements.

Jayashre Sacadevan, 28

Childcare centre principal

Height: 1.58m

Weight: 51kg

Exercise regimen: I do high-intensity interval training, and also Zumba, boot-camp workouts and weight training. My hobbies are dancing, watching movies, travelling and enjoying good food.

Diet: I always try to have a balanced diet and I love having vegetables. Staying hydrated is also a must.

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