Hot Bods

R. Gopiganth (left) and Pathmapriya Alagasan (right).
R. Gopiganth (left) and Pathmapriya Alagasan (right).ST PHOTOS: TIMOTHY DAVID

Text and pictures by Timothy David

R. Gopiganth, 28

Project manager

Height: 1.76m

Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: I visit the gym thrice a week religiously. I work on my legs by doing squats, leg presses, leg extensions and hamstring curls. For the upper body, I do lateral pull-downs, bench and shoulder presses, bicep curls and tricep extensions. I also do HIIT training and 2.4km runs on the day allocated for cardio exercises. I also enjoy playing soccer on weekends.

Diet: To control my carb intake, I prefer brown rice or chapati to white rice. I like to include more vegetables like broccoli and white meat such as chicken breast in my meals. I never eat to the point of feeling full to avoid bloating of the tummy. I allow myself to indulge in pizza, pasta and ice cream once a week.

Pathmapriya Alagasan, 30

Marketing manager

Height: 1.6m

Weight: 53kg

Exercise regimen: I would love to work out every day but, due to work commitments, I can only do so about three times a week. For cardio exercises, I jog for half an hour. I do weight training using dumb-bells to tone my arms, biceps and triceps. I use the weight machines for lower-body exercises to tone my legs. Exercise helps me to keep my moods in balance and to keep stress at bay. I take walks whenever I can.

Diet: If I have no time for exercise, I avoid carbs so I skip rice and include a lot of vegetables and white meat like lean chicken instead. I also love chicken rice but I compensate accordingly. I include oats, kangkong and broccoli in my meals regularly. I avoid sugary drinks and drink unsweetened green tea occasionally.

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