Hot Bods

Seow Hong Kuang (left) and Chan Qian Yi (right).
Seow Hong Kuang (left) and Chan Qian Yi (right).ST PHOTO: WANG HUI FEN

Text and pictures by Wang Hui Fen

Seow Hong Kuang, 23


Height: 1.65m

Weight: 65kg

Exercise regimen: I work out six days a week in the gym. I do purely strength and hypertrophy training. I do cardio four times a week to ensure a healthy heart rate and to lower my body fat percentage. On my rest day, I usually go for a light swim or a light basketball game.

Diet: I'm on a slightly strict diet. Low on carbs , and high on protein. Chicken breast, egg whites, beef and shrimp are my "best friends". I do have a cheat day once a week, but I still watch my calorie intake.

Chan Qian Yi, 21


Height: 1.63m

Weight: 46kg

Exercise regimen: I run a lot as endurance running is effective in decreasing muscle size and to reduce fats to make my thighs smaller. As a part-time model, I would like to appear taller.

Diet: I used to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I felt hungry. I assumed that I had a good metabolic rate and could eat as much as I wanted. However, due to modelling and pageant commitments, I cut down on oily food and switched to fruit whenever I want to snack.

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