Hot Bods

(From left) Kevin Toh, 30 Engineer and Xie Meishi, 34 Financial adviser.
(From left) Kevin Toh, 30 Engineer and Xie Meishi, 34 Financial adviser.PHOTO: JOYCE FANG

Text and pictures by Joyce Fang

Kevin Toh, 30

Height: 1.68m Weight: 66kg

Exercise regimen: I spend two hours every day at the gym: one hour on weightlifting and another on cardio exercises. I'll do workouts such as chest presses and lateral pulldowns. For cardio, I run on the treadmill.

Diet: I try to avoid fried food. I usually prepare my own meals, for instance grilled chicken breast, spinach or broccoli and white or brown rice. After every workout, I'll take a protein shake. I have one cheat meal of fast food a week.

Xie Meishi, 34
Financial adviser

Height: 1.57m Weight: 58kg

Exercise regimen: I go to the gym five times a week, an hour per day. Strength training would consist of barbells, squats and cleans. For conditioning, there's rowing, cycling and kettlebell. I also swim twice a week and play tennis occasionally.

Diet: I try not to take processed food. Instead, I take complex carbs such as sweet potatoes and brown rice. I also choose lean proteins such as chicken and beef. I eat fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water.

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