Hot Bods

Justin Lee, 22

Wellness coach

Height: 1.71m Weight: 64kg

Exercise regimen: I don't have a fixed regimen, but I aim to work out three or four times a week. Depending on what I feel like doing, sometimes I do calisthenics or lift weights.

Diet: I always start my day with a nutritional shake. I avoid sugary drinks and carbs when I'm eating with family or alone. However, I usually eat a lot when I am with friends.

Jenny Tay, 43

Wellness coach

Height: 1.60m Weight: 49.5kg

Exercise regimen: I don't really have a particular exercise routine but I ensure that I have a healthy, active lifestyle by walking at least 5, 000 steps per day. I do 20 push-ups against the wall while waiting or 20 tricep dips. The secret to my lean stomach is that I do planks three minutes each time, before I head to the shower.

Diet: I start my day with a glass of nutrition shake that contains high protein, mineral and vitamin essentials. Throughout the day I hydrate myself by drinking plenty of water - about three litres - and I also make sure I do not overeat.

Text and pictures by Wang Hui Fen

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