Hot Bods

Zuraimi Zakaria(Left) and Annie Yunos (right)
Zuraimi Zakaria(Left) and Annie Yunos (right)

Text and pictures by Desmond Wee

Zuraimi Zakaria, 40

Freelance coach

Height: 1.71m

Weight: 73kg

Exercise regimen: I do circuit training with the Lion City Spartans once a month for the Spartan Race (an obstacle course race). I train three times a week at Fitness Corner with bodyweight exercises for 30 minutes. I also jog 3km once a week.

Diet: I enjoy simple coffee and a protein shake for breakfast. My lunch comprises some rice, eggs or chicken. In between meals, I have snacks like banana, peanut butter and coffee. Dinner is a little rice and four eggs or more chicken. I have a protein shake before bed. I avoid canned, carbonated drinks.

Annie Yunos, 40

Sales manager

Height: 1.71m

Weight: 58kg

Exercise regimen: I'm addicted to the obstacle-based Spartan Race. I train three times a week just for a short 3km run, followed by 30 minutes of bodyweight exercise. Occasionally I train with my fitness family, the Lion City Spartans.

Diet: I enjoy eggs for breakfast, followed by less protein and more greens for lunch and dinner. I drink water, shun carbonated drinks and love coffee.

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