Hot Bods

Johnny Yeo(Left) and Nicole G Pereira-Clarke(right)
Johnny Yeo(Left) and Nicole G Pereira-Clarke(right)

Text and pictures by Neo Xiaobin

Johnny Yeo, 34
Gym owner
Height: 1.75m Weight: 81kg

Exercise regimen: I train four to six days a week, doing strongman-style training - deadlifts, squats and carrying beer kegs. I also do outdoor cardio, where I push vans and mini-buses at an empty carpark. Some days, I'll do something different like walking two rounds around the stadium track at noon, and doing 300 to 500 pull-ups and 1,000 push-ups.

Diet: I have been a vegetarian since Primary 6, but I consume eggs and milk. I also include nuts and seeds in my diet. I used to be underweight, so I needed to gain weight and have more carbs, like rice. I take one to three servings of fruits a day, including pears, bananas and watermelons. My soft spot is dark chocolate and ice cream, so I have that every weekend.

Nicole G Pereira-Clarke, 22
Height: 1.6m Weight: 52kg

Exercise regimen: My personal trainer, Barbara Chng, plans for me. Mostly, we train with weights and, depending on the season, we do different types of training. I compete in bikini bodybuilding competitions, so we focus on fat-burning workouts with light weights but very high repetitions. This is on top of cardio, which can range from one to two hours daily. When I'm not competing, we focus on building muscle and lift really heavy weights, but low repetitions. Off-season, we do cardio for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Diet: My trainer's husband Andrew Johnson plans my diet. It's all about seasons. When I'm getting ready to compete, everything is super clean, seasoned only with herbs, lemon and sea salt. We either take limited or no carbs, but it can vary between rice, sweet potato and rice cakes. For proteins, it's either fish, chicken breast and, for breakfast, eggs and green vegetables. Off-season, I am not limited in what I eat. But I love desserts and dairy, so I indulge once a week.

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