Hot Bods

Ryan Ho,19 and Geethanjeli, 20
Ryan Ho,19 and Geethanjeli, 20

Ryan Ho,19

Freelance model

Height: 1.77m Weight: 70kg

Exercise regimen: I go to the gym at least four times a week, training a different body part each day. I also reserve one day for cardio training, which can include boxing, running and high-intensity workouts. In polytechnic, I was in dragon boating and a training coordinator for Muay Thai.

Diet: For breakfast, I often have a protein shake along with some complex carbs like oatmeal or whole-meal bread with peanut butter to start my day off. For lunch, it would often be chicken chop with vegetables along with some brown rice. For dinner, I would often go for low-carbs alternatives. Supper is a strict no-no for me. I try to avoid fast food/fried food in general..

Geethanjeli, 20

Polytechnic student

Height: 1.67m Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: I visit the gym at least three times a week, working on three areas each day - arms, legs and back. I usually end with a cardio or a circuit of abdominal exercises. I also do dead lifts, lat pull downs, and variations of exercises with dumb-bells. I am very involved in my school co-curricular activity, Muay Thai, for which I train twice a week. I also swim.

Diet: Breakfast is toast with jam and Milo. My lunch is mixed brown and white rice with stir-fried chicken breast and some spinach. As for dinner, I avoid eating rice or other carbs and stick to lean meat with a salad. I do not consume beef or pork, so I stick to chicken or fish. I avoid dairy products as I am lactose intolerant. I also do not eat processed food.

Text and pictures by Alphonsus Chern

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