Hot Bods

Ong Han Loong(Left) and Deborah Saw(right)
Ong Han Loong(Left) and Deborah Saw(right)

Text and pictures by Seah Kwang Peng

Ong Han Loong, 29
Operations executive
Height: 1.72m Weight: 77kg

Exercise regimen: I train with the national canoe polo team every day for 2 to 21/2 hours per session. Each session consists of tactical play, personal skills or fitness in water. On days when we train in the gym, we will always finish off a session with a 40-minute jog. I also take part in a one-hour CrossFit class two or three times a week.

Diet: I have soft-boiled eggs, bean curd, white bread or oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch and dinner usually consist of chicken or fish with vegetables and rice. I will have pastries and soya milk as a snack before my evening training, as well as for supper. I allow myself to snack on potato chips and fast food occasionally.

Deborah Saw, 24
High performance/sports development executive
Height: 1.63m Weight: 57kg

Exercise regimen: I am in the national kayaking team and usually train for the K1 1,000m race or the 26km canoe marathon. I train 10 or 11 times a week and rest only on Sundays. Each training session can last up to three hours and consists of either high intensity speed paddling or long mileage training covering 15-20km. I also lift weights every day.

Diet: Breakfast consists of cereal with milk or yogurt with oats, supplemented with almonds and blueberries. I wake up very early and usually have two breakfasts, before and after my morning training. I try to ensure that I have enough protein by having fish, chicken or beef for lunch and dinner, and I will have fruits with yogurt after dinner. I do not have supper, but love dark chocolate.

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