Hot Bods

Text and pictures by Joyce Fang

Gavin Goh, 32

IT consultant

Height: 1.71m Weight: 66kg

Exercise regimen: I work out at the gym three to four times a week, for about 60 to 90 minutes each time. I separate my workout into push and pull exercises. For example, chest, shoulder and legs are push exercises, while the back and arms are pull exercises. I also do rock climbing occasionally.

Diet: I don't have a strict diet. Everything I eat is in moderation. However, I don't eat food that has a lot of salt or sugar. I enjoy doing carb cycling, which is eating carbs like fried rice or burgers on one day, and eliminating carbs the next day. I do that to trick the body into burning fats on non-carb days.

Vivien Koh, 30  

Sports physiotherapist

Height: 1.66cm Weight: 56kg

Exercise regimen: I take ballet classes at the Singapore Ballet Academy once a week and each class lasts about two hours. I have been dancing since young and I still do so for exercise. I also run or trek once a week. I usually run near my home; as for trekking, it's either at Bukit Timah Hill or MacRitchie Reservoir. I enjoying trekking and I've been to Mount Ophir in Malaysia, Mount Ljen in Indonesia and I have also done a 10-day trek in Nepal. Next up is Mount Fuji in two weeks' time. I also hope to head to the Everest base camp at some in the future.

Diet: I don't follow a strict diet but I do try not to take food that is too oily. I eat fast food only twice a month, and I don't take any soft drinks at all.

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