Golf: The 19th Hole - Getting to know Singapore's Quincy Quek


The 28-year-old Singaporean has one Asian Development Tour title - won in the Philippines in 2012.

Q Your No. 1 golf tip for amateurs?

A Take more (clubs), whether you're on the fairway or green. Amateurs are always short with their irons because they're afraid of hitting it past the hole. It's the same with their putting. They never factor in enough break. Take more break.

Q What's your favourite sports movie?

A Happy Gilmore. It's such an iconic movie and everybody remembers that scene when Adam Sandler (who plays an ice hockey player-turned-golfer) does the run-up and smashes the ball and everybody tries to do it themselves. I've tried it myself.

Q Worst rule in golf?

A No preferred lies for mudballs. It's a United States Golf Association ruling and was enforced when I played on the PGA Tour China. We tried to tell the officials that the weather conditions in China are very different from the US and they should be more flexible. They didn't listen to us.

Q Greatest sportsman in the world right now?

A Novak Djokovic. He's just so dominant in tennis. The other sports like golf, football, basketball, Formula One... there's no one individual who stands out as much as Djokovic.

Q Golfer you'd pay to watch?

A Tiger Woods. I went to watch him at the 1999 World Cup of Golf at the Mines Resort and Golf Club in Kuala Lumpur. It was the only time I've paid to watch golf.

Q Worst moment in golf?

A Every time I miss a cut. That's the worst feeling. You have to start thinking about packing your bags, checking out of the hotel because you don't want to pay for an extra night. You feel like crap butstill have to deal with all thisadministrative stuff - the last thing you want to do.

Q Worst score on a single hole?

A I shot nine on a par-four at a tournament in China in 2014. There were trees either side and it was a very narrow tee shot. I hit three balls (out of bounds) and don't really remember the rest after that.

Q What did you buy with your first serious pay cheque?

A I finished fourth at the Indonesian Open in December 2014 and earned US$37,500 (S$53,540), which was the biggest pay cheque of my career. It went into the expenses for my wedding a few weeks later.

Q Favourite golf course?

A I would love to play at Augusta National (venue of the Masters). It's iconic and super exclusive. I watch the Masters on TV every year and it's the only Major that's always held at the same course. So your memory of the place is refreshed every year and you see what an amazing golf course it is.

Jonathan Wong

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