The 19th Hole: Berry Henson


The 36-year-old American has one win on the Asian Tour - the 2011 ICTSI Philippine Open.

Q Your No. 1 golf tip for amateurs?

A Probably rhythm and balance. If you watch a lot of pros, guys that are usually the best ball-strikers have good rhythm and balance, it's not quick off-swing, it's not slow, everything kind of works together.

 Q Who's a hit with the ladies?

A You have to say Rickie Fowler right? Obviously he's a good-looking guy, a good friend of mine. He's young, in shape, I think he does a lot more activities outside of golf.

Q Biggest non-golfing story in sport this week?

A Super Bowl's coming up, it's pretty big talk in America. I watched a few (American football player) Cam Newton interviews last night, that's kind of a big story.

Q Greatest sportsman in the world right now?

A I guess I'd have give it to Jordan Spieth, he's done a tremendous job at the age of 22, he acts like he's a 35-year-old, he's humble and gracious. It's nice to have him here in Asia for a week.

Q Golfer you'd pay to watch?

A Can I pick more than one? I met Arnold Palmer last year, I love hanging out with him. Obviously enjoy Jack Nicklaus, some of the older players. And I think we all want to watch and see Tiger (Woods) play still, at his best.

Q Worst moment in golf?

A I was in the PGA Tour Qualifying School in 2007, and I was going through the stages, and I was inside the number (cut), and I hit it up against a rock, and I tried to move it, and in the process all the lactic acid got into my arms, and I couldn't hit a golf shot for the next three holes and I ended up missing getting through to the second stage.

Q Best golf shot seen live?

A I've seen some bad golf shots go into the hole. I've played with my local pro in Palm Springs once and we were playing a friendly round, and he hit a low little burner (iron) up and made it, hole in one. That's like the worst best shot I've seen. I've seen a lot of holes-in-one live, but that's the one that stands out.

Q Favourite golf course?

A Black Mountain Golf Club in Thailand, because it's my home. Great golf course, great design, great place to go for holidays.

Q What did you buy with your first serious pay cheque?

A I bought a silver Lexus IS 250 in 2011, that was my dream car. I sold it because I moved to Thailand, now I don't have a car.

Q Most memorable pro-am partner?

A I'll say this because he's in Singapore. I played with Lip Ooi (teaching professional), on my first year on tour. We had a great time, they were enjoying some adult beverages most of the day. Very light-hearted group, just having fun, we had a great time on the golf course. We're still friends to this day.

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