Outside The Ropes

Jang Ha Na


The 25-year-old South Korean golfer has four LPGA Tour wins, including the 2016 HSBC Women's Champions.

Q Greatest athlete in the world?

A Tiger Woods. He's won a lot of times - 14 Majors (and 79 PGA Tour titles). He's an unbelievable sportsman. But I would say Stephen Curry too. He's an amazing basketball player and he's handsome too.

Q Favourite social media app?

A Instagram. I post a lot of food photos and sometimes my selfies. I also post photos at tournaments. Singapore is really picture-perfect, the city looks nice on Instagram.

Q What did you buy with your first serious pay cheque?

A I went for a hotel buffet, a very expensive buffet at The Shilla Hotel in South Korea with my friends and family. It was very expensive but I wanted to treat myself and the people who are always supporting me.

QFavourite female athlete?

A Feng Shanshan for sure. She's my good friend - we've been friends for a long time, 13 to 14 years and she's very kind and nice. She's a good person to talk to about golf and things like jet lag and how to deal with it.

Q No. 1 golf tip for amateurs?

A Some amateurs think that to cover a good distance, power is very important but that's not true. Speed is more important, so just think about the swing and tempo.

Q Thoughts on new LPGA dress code?

A I think there's no problem with how the players dress right now. Long skirts, short skirts - they are all part of a player's style and that's not a problem at all.

Natalie Choy

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