In The Club house With

Carlos Pigem


The 26-year-old Spaniard won the 2016 Yeangder Tournament Players Championship.

Q No. 1 golf tip for amateurs?

A From the bunker, just try to put the ball out. Don't try to put the ball close to the hole. Just get it out.

Q Worst rule in golf?

A I had one really stupid rule last year. I marked my ball and on way to put my ball it slipped from my hand and touched the mark and the mark moved less than 2mm. It cost me a penalty stroke and I had to put the ball back. That's very unfair.

Q Can Tiger Woods win another Major? Put a percentage on it.

A Tiger is my hero since I was a kid. I stopped watching golf when he wasn't playing. I'm sure, 100 per cent, he'll win another Major and hopefully I can play with him.

Q How many different putters do you have in your garage?

A I have about 10 but I've been using the same Odyssey Teron putter for the last five years. It's a big putter. I'm not a fan of the small heads.

Q What did you buy with your first serious pay cheque?

A My apartment in Barcelona. I paid for it fully two weeks ago, using all the prize money I had earned in the last four years on the Asian Tour.

Q Worst score on a single hole?

A I made 12 on the 18th hole, par-five, at last year's Indonesian Masters. I was trying to make eagle to make the cut. I hit the first ball into the water, then another one into the water. Then I was like, 'Carlos, try to focus', because I want to break 10. Then I hit another one into the water. Then I made one putt for 12 and the crowd cheered. I was thinking, maybe they don't know I made 12.

Q Best shot ever seen?

A The chip that Tiger made on the 16th hole at the 2005 Masters when he won. The one with the Nike ball slowly dropping into the hole.

Q Worst-dressed golfer?

A John Daly. It's funny for others but definitely not my type of clothes.

Jonathan Wong

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