HSBC Women’s Champions 2017: Outside The Ropes

Amy Yang


The 27-year-old South Korean has three LPGA Tour titles, including last week's Honda LPGA Thailand.

Q No. 1 golf tip for amateurs?

A Try to enjoy being out there on the course, despite not being able to hit the balls as well as you want. Many times, amateur golfers miss and get frustrated. But they should not try to overthink things because the more you think, the more stressed you get.

Q How many hole in ones have you managed?

A Five. Twice on the Ladies European Tour and twice on the LPGA. But the most recent one actually happened last year during a practice session with my coach Tony Ziegler in Orlando. I hit it at 160 yards, I didn't see the ball go in because the hole was on a downward slope facing slightly away from me. But my coach, who has been with me for about two years, somehow saw it because he is taller than me.

Q Funniest thing you've seen on the Tour?

A Six or seven years ago, the partner whom I was playing with at the ShopRite LPGA Classic, found the bunker. While she was topping the ball out, my caddie was walking across the green. The ball came out so straight and hard that it went right into the pocket of my golf bag.

Q Greatest athlete?

A I don't really follow other sports, not even men's golf. I think the greatest athlete is Pak Se Ri. She has inspired me since I was little.

Q Oldest club in your bag?

A A Ping G three wood. I've had it since 2011.

Q What is the hardest thing about golf?

A The mental aspect. My coach always tell me: "Keep things simple." It's easy to say but when you are out there playing on the course with a lot of pressure, it is hard.

Q What did you do with your first serious pay cheque?

A I bought a house in 2010.

Alvin Chia

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