GE run gets college women fit and fab

NTU student Chanel Weng sprinting towards the finish line in the "Speed Challenge" during the students' road show at the university.
NTU student Chanel Weng sprinting towards the finish line in the "Speed Challenge" during the students' road show at the university.PHOTO COURTESY OF DAVID WIRAWAN

This year's Great Eastern Women's Run (GEWR) will see event organisers reaching out to tertiary students to promote a healthy lifestyle through running.

The Nov 12 event is supporting the national effort to combat obesity, and is expected to draw around 15,500 runners at The Float@Marina Bay, and students from all over Singapore are encouraged to sign up for the three race categories - 5km, 10km and 21.1km.

For the first time ever, an Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Challenge will be organised too. Along with a trophy, the school with the largest contingent of runners will receive other attractive prizes.

Chanel Weng, 23, signed up for the 10km race in her first GEWR to challenge herself, and feels that such a move will encourage more inter-varsity participation.

She said: "The bigger your contingent, the better it is, so the Challenge doesn't really restrict anyone from joining, whether you're a fast runner or a slow runner.

"It will also help to promote team spirit, bond the schools together and raise awareness for running."

The Year 4 information engineering and media student from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was an hourly winner of the "Speed Challenge" at the students' road show, which started yesterday at NTU's South Spine.

The activity involves participants attempting to clock the fastest speeds across the finish line. All challengers will receive free llaollao yoghurt, while the leader of the hourly challenge will be rewarded a $100 adidas cash voucher.

In addition, those who sign up for the race at the road show - which ends at 3pm today - will also receive a sports bag and an additional GEWR adidas race T-shirt, worth $69.80 in total.

For some runners, like Cheryl Cheng, 20, a big draw at the road show is the special registration rates, which allow students to enjoy discounts of up to $52.

"This kind of runs can be quite expensive, so with the discount, it makes it more affordable and encourages us to sign up," said the Year 2 physics student from NTU who is doing the 21.1km half marathon.

This year also marks the 12th year of Singapore Chinese Girls' School's (SCGS) involvement in South-east Asia's largest all-women run, and the school will be sending at least 300 girls for the 12th edition.

"It's a tradition for us. The reason why we continue to take part in the run hasn't changed since its inception," said Eunice de Silva, head of the school's physical education and co-curricular activities department.

"We want to promote active, healthy living, and we'd like the girls to support the causes that GEWR champions. It also allows them to integrate and mingle with the people from all walks of life, and bridges them with the community outside of school."

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