Formula One: Lewis Hamilton's 15-race drive to a third world championship

LONDON (THE GUARDIAN) - Briton Lewis Hamilton captured a third Formula One world drivers' title at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, on Sunday. Here is how the Mercedes man did it over the course of the season:

1. Australia: Winner - Hamilton wins from pole as only 15 cars race after Marussia fail to start. Valtteri Bottas is injured during qualifying and Daniil Kvyat and Kevin Magnussen's cars break down during the out-lap. Race positions (standings in brackets): 1. Hamilton (25 points) 2. Rosberg (18) 3. Vettel (15).

2. Malaysia: Runner-up - Again, Hamilton starts on pole and gets away well but when both Mercedes cars pit with the safety car out, Sebastian Vettel stays put and takes a commanding lead, leaving the Briton in second. 1. Vettel (40) 2. Hamilton (43) 3. Rosberg (33)

3. China: Winner - Three races, three starts from pole, and a second victory. Hamilton is accused of slowing in the middle of the race to compromise Rosberg, with the Briton admitting to "controlling my own race". 1. Hamilton (68). 2. Rosberg (51). 3. Vettel (55)

4. Bahrain: Winner - Pole once more and a third race win from four for the Englishman, extending his championship lead to 27 points. Kimi Raikkonen comes second after brake problems deny Rosberg that spot. 1. Hamilton (93) 2. Raikkonen (42) 3. Rosberg (66) 5. Vettel (65).

5. Spain: Runner-up - The first part of a Rosberg fightback after Hamilton fails to take pole for the first time. The German starts well and Hamilton, starting from second, is overtaken by Vettel. 1. Rosberg (91) 2. Hamilton (111) 3. Vettel (80).

6. Monaco: Third - Back on pole and away without any trouble at the beginning of the race only for a pit-lane mix-up to see Hamilton pit with the safety car out, having led by 20 seconds. Rosberg and Vettel capitalise. 1. Rosberg (116) 2. Vettel (98) 3. Hamilton (126).

7. Canada: Winner - Pole again and a fourth victory in Montreal. The tactics are spot-on after problems in Monaco and Hamilton wins by 2.2sec from Rosberg with Bottas in third. 1. Hamilton (151) 2. Rosberg (134) 3. Bottas (57) 5. Vettel (108).

8. Austria: Runner-up - Hamilton starts on pole but is overtaken by Rosberg on the first bend and can find no way back, losing by 8.8sec after a 5-sec penalty for crossing the white line when exiting the pit lane. 1. Rosberg (159) 2. Hamilton (169) 3. Massa (62) 4. Vettel (120).

9. Britain: Winner - After a series of dull races, a thriller. Hamilton starts poorly from pole and finds himself behind Felipe Massa. With rain forecast, Hamilton swops to intermediate tyres - an inspired decision. 1. Hamilton (194) 2. Rosberg (177) 3. Vettel (135).

10. Hungary: Sixth - A week after the death of Jules Bianchi, pole again for Hamilton. Though Mercedes' worst race of the year - with Hamilton sixth and Rosberg eighth - the Briton extends his lead. 1 Vettel (160) 2. Kvyat (45) 3. Ricciardo (51) 6. Hamilton (202) 8. Rosberg (181).

11. Belgium: Winner - Straightforward for Hamilton, especially after Rosberg starts poorly and slips to fifth. The German makes up ground but does not have enough to reel in his team-mate. Romain Grosjean is third. 1. Hamilton (227) 2. Rosberg (199) 3. Grosjean (38) 12. Vettel (160).

12. Singapore: Did not finish - Now it is Vettel's turn to win from pole. Hamilton, starting from fifth, retires, allowing Rosberg an opportunity to close the gap. The German could only finish fourth, however. 1. Vettel (203) 2. Ricciardo (73) 3. Raikkonen (107) 4. Rosberg (211) Retired - Hamilton (252).

13. Japan: Winner - Rosberg starts on pole but is overtaken at the start by Hamilton and slips to fourth when his car develops problems. Rosberg battles back to second but finishes 18.9sec behind Hamilton. 1. Hamilton (277) 2. Rosberg (229) 3. Vettel (218).

14. Russia: Winner - Rosberg, needing victory to stay in the title race, begins on pole but soon retires with a broken throttle pedal. Hamilton wins, while Vettel overhauls Rosberg in the standings. 1. Hamilton (302) 2. Vettel (236) 3. Sergio Perez (54). Retired - Rosberg (229).

15. United States: Winner - In a race of fluctuating fortunes, Hamilton retains the title after forcing an error from Rosberg. Vettel's championship hopes end when he fails to finish second. 1. Hamilton (327) 2. Rosberg (247) 3. Vettel (251).

There are three races left till the season ends - Mexico (Nov 1), Brazil (Nov 15) and Abu Dhabi (Nov 29).