Arsene Wenger: Is this the end? - Fan view

In or out? Only Wenger's opinion matters

The debate over Arsene Wenger's future has divided Arsenal fans worldwide and this is certainly a disappointing and toxic period for the club and their supporters.

But, whether you want him to stay or go, the minimum that Wenger deserves is respect.

He has given 21 years of his life to the club and does not deserve the vitriol that some sections of the fan base direct at him.

The Frenchman is by far our greatest-ever manager, with three English Premier League titles and six FA Cups. He gave us the mighty Invincibles. For all that he's done, he deserves to make a decision on his own terms, ideally at the end of the season.

To be honest, I feel he has been let down by some players.

One of Wenger's enduring traits is that he is extremely loyal to his players, which is an admirable quality. But some of these players, including Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott, have let the club and Wenger down.

The Frenchman is by far our greatest-ever manager... He gave us the mighty Invincibles. For all that he's done, he deserves to make a decision on his own terms.

The players cannot use youth as an excuse. Many of them are seasoned internationals in their mid to late 20s, typically the peak years of a footballer. They need to take a long hard look at themselves.

We still don't know how this season will turn out but the sentimentalist in me wants to see Wenger bow out on a high.

I believe he has unfinished business at the club and he deserves another shot at glory.

For that, even if the club finishes without a trophy this season, I hope that he gets one more season - with the caveat that he be more ruthless towards underperforming players.

My dream is for him to one day win the Champions League with Arsenal, a trophy that has so far eluded him. That would be the perfect send-off. Of course, if the club drops out of the top four this year, his position will be untenable. That being said, fans must know that change could also mean a period of adjustment. Just look at Manchester United and Liverpool.

Whatever the case,one thing is for sure: it will be a really sad day when the time comes for him to go.

  • Eric Ong was president of Arsenal Singapore, the official Arsenal Supporters Club, from 2013-2015. He started supporting Arsenal in 1989 and is now vice-secretary of Arsenal Singapore.
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