In brief: Extremist fan sneaks back, is arrested again

Extremist fan sneaks back, is arrested again

Russian far-right football fan leader Alexander Shprygin is expected to be expelled from France for a second time, after he sneaked back into the country to watch his side play.

It is believed Shprygin returned to France by flying to Barcelona and taking a car to Toulouse, but he was arrested during Russia's 3-0 defeat by Wales on Monday.


Knockout stages will eliminate teams faster

Euro 2016 is taking 13 days to remove the first eight teams (the group stage only reduces numbers from 24 to 16).

But it will take just three days to get rid of the next eight (the eight round-of-16 games are played from Saturday to Monday).


Albania squad get early payday for first win

The Albanian government has decided to give €1 million (S$1.52 million) and diplomatic passports to the members of the country's football team for winning their first European Championship match.

Albania achieved that historic feat by beating Romania 1-0 on Sunday.


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