Hot Bods

Left: Johnathan Goh, 31. Right: Joanne Boulat, 31.
Left: Johnathan Goh, 31. Right: Joanne Boulat, 31.PHOTO: NG SOR LUAn

Jonathan Goh, 31

Assistant vice-president

Height: 1.76m Weight: 73kg

Exercise regimen: I usually head to the gym for 11/2 hours in the mornings. I spend three or four days a week on weight training, and two days on high-intensity interval training. I do yoga on rest days and, sometimes, run or play badminton or tennis.

Diet: I have cereal in the morning before gym and four soft boiled eggs and a black coffee after. Lunch is usually a warm salad with chicken or beef. I take two packets of guava for my tea breaks. Dinner is either chilli con carne or roast meat with vegetables. Before sleeping, I have a protein shake and my vitamins.

Joanne Boulat, 31

Project manager and fitness instructor

Height: 1.56m Weight: 51kg

Exercise regimen: I have three high-intensity interval training sessions at Barry's Bootcamp and two powerlifting sessions per week. I do yoga occasionally.

Diet: I have protein overnight oats and cappuccinos for breakfast. Lunch is grain bowls and dinner is steak with vegetables. Chocolate for dessert is a must.

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