Football: Students at SCS charity get to see Barclays English Premier League trophy

The event was centered around the themes of English Premier League football and the concept of fasting for Muslims. PHOTO: BARCLAYS

SINGAPORE - The Barclays English Premier League trophy continues to make its rounds across the island, this time with another photo opportunity for local students at local charity Students Care Service (SCS).

SCS is a member of the National Council of Social Service and is a registered charity that was established in 1976. It is aimed at maximising the potential of its children and youth.

About half an hour after the 30-odd crowd of youths and SCS staff arrived at its Clementi Centre on Friday afternoon for the event, they watched in awe as the iconic trophy was brought in, prompting a rush from the excited students, who were eager to get the photo opportunity with friends and teachers.

The event was centered around the themes of English Premier League football and the concept of fasting for Muslims.

A PowerPoint slideshow entailing a brief history of the Premier League was also shown after the photo-taking, to appeal to the young football fans present and to keep in line with the educational theme of the event.

As the event was geared towards the time for Muslims to break fast, there was also an additional segment prepared to teach the youths about the concept of fasting, and even talked about how Muslim football players fasted during their playing careers. Next followed a quiz on past and present Premier League players before the event ended after the Muslim students broke their fast.

SCS centre director Lee Seng Meng hopes the visit of the trophy will imbue good moral values in his young charges and inspire them to pursue their dreams as far as they can.

"The Barclays Premier League is the emblem of world-class football that embodies discipline and professionalism. Having the opportunity to be up close to the actual trophy is a motivation and inspiration for our students, many of whom are avid fans of the clubs, to work hard in the sports they love and to embrace the values of discipline, resilience, perseverance and teamwork that is so important in football," he said.

The work put in by the SCS Youth Development Unit into their ACE (Aspiring towards Character Excellence) Football League initiative was cited by Barclays as a key factor drawing the bank into collaboration with SCS.

Said Barclays spokesman John McGuinness: "Bringing one of the most important and recognisable sporting trophies in the world to visit Students Care Service is a wonderful way to recognize the great work they have been doing for almost 40 years. We are proud to be able to bring along the Barclays Premier League trophy to a fun evening for the young people SCS works with, while they also get a deeper understanding of football."

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