Football: FAS AGM ends abruptly, no changes to constitution as more feedback is required

Football Association of Singapore (FAS) president Zainudin Nordin.
Football Association of Singapore (FAS) president Zainudin Nordin. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - The highly-anticipated annual general meeting of the Football Association of Singapore, where key revisions to its constitution were expected to have been debated, ended abruptly on Saturday (Sept 24).

The revisions, which would have allowed the fraternity to elect its own set of leaders for the first time in over 30 years, were not raised as the body required more time to gather feedback.

According to FAS president Zainudin Nordin and vice-president Bernard Tan, the decision to lengthen the consultation process had been taken the previous evening.

Tan said: "We were expecting feedback that can be resolved but there was overwhelming interest, so we made this decision reluctantly.

"It's good to do a comprehensive process so that all stakeholders can buy in."

FAS senior management figures remained at Jalan Besar Stadium after the AGM, together with the Fifa observer, to continue to engage some members to gather feedback.

Amongst them is former Woodlands Wellington general manager R. Vengadasalam, who is managing a team that will compete in the elections. He told The Straits Times: "It was not a surprise that the AGM ended abruptly as there is no time to digest so many opinions, it (the passing of the constitution) couldn't move on.

"I am glad that this (consultation process) is taken seriously because football is the most passionate sport and if the FAS really wants improvements, then the people's voices should be heard."

The FAS did not give a timeline to conclude the consultation with its 46 members but added that after the feedback is gathered, the reworked constitution will need further approval from world governing body Fifa.