Football: EPL chief Richard Scudamore 'resigned' to winter World Cup in 2022

English Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore.
English Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore.PHOTO: DANIEL NEO FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

SINGAPORE - In February, English Premier League (EPL) chief executive Richard Scudamore reacted angrily when he found out that the 2022 Fifa World Cup will be held in November and December that year.

But, five months on, Scudamore said the EPL is "resigned" to the Qatar World Cup being held in winter, and said the 2022-2023 season would have to start earlier and end later.

In Singapore for the Barclays Asia Trophy, he told The Straits Times on Friday morning: "Everybody's gone way beyond. We've completely resigned ourselves to the fact that it will be (held during winter). There's no more campaigning or arguing that it should be. That decision's been taken by Fifa, that's past."

He said the league is part of a working group, together with the world football body, that is tasked to come up with a calendar that is the "least worst situation" by September.

Said the 55-year-old: "It depends on whether the (Fifa) executive committee accepts the recommendation. But if it accepts the recommendations of the task force that's been looking at this, then it will mean it's the minimum disruption it can be.

"And therefore we have to start a couple of weeks earlier and finish a couple of weeks later."