Euro 2016: The colourful coaches - From the animated one to the itchy one to the smelly one

SINGAPORE - The footballers may take centre-stage as Euro 2016 draw to a close but some of the coaches are quite capable of stealing the limelight as well.

Apart from being tactical masterminds, the likes of Germany's Joachim Low, Italy's Antonio Conte and Wales' Chris Coleman bring their unique personalities and quirks to France.

Some of them have endeared themselves to their fans. Others, well, have been caught in embarassing situations.

Chris Coleman (Wales) NICA ID: 38796163

It is not unusual for footballers to adopt a pre-match ritual for luck but Wales manager Chris Coleman's superstition is a little on the extreme side.

When Wales played Serbia in 2012, Coleman removed his black jacket as the weather was hot. The Dragons were thrashed 6-1. From that day on, the 46-year-old vowed never to wash the jacket.

Coleman's decision to never have that jacket dry-cleaned brought Wales luck. The side earned automatic qualification for Euro 2016 and Gareth Bale and Co. have marched all the way to the quarter-finals, where they will meet Belgium.

Joachim Low (GER) NICA ID: 38889654

He may have won the World Cup and is regarded as one of the world's best coaches but Joachim Low is not immune to being a figure of ridicule.

World champions Germany have been ruthless and efficient at Euro 2016 but one of the highlights of their campaign has been provided by Low.

Already famous for picking his nose as matches are ongoing, the 56-year-old was seen reaching inside the front of his trousers and scratching during the Mannschaft's 2-0 win over Ukraine. To the amusement of the television audience, Low then started to sniff his fingers.

It is safe to say that not many people would like to shake hands with him after that match.

Antonio Conte (Italy) NICA ID: 38888701

The Azzurri coach is a volcano waiting to erupt. The 46-year-old is not afraid to let his anger show on the pitch if he is unhappy with how his team plays.

The animated Conte did not hesistate to launch a ball up the field to vent frustrations on his players against Spain in the last 16 and even threatened to kill them when they let Group E opponents Belgium break through their defence. That brings the famous Bill Shankly proverb of football being more than a matter of life and death to a whole new level.

However, Conte can also exert displays of joy as intense as his anger. When Graziano Pelle scored against La Roja in stoppage time, the soon-to-be Chelsea boss chose to celebrate by running and jumping on his team's dugout in a show of uncontrollable passion.

Roy Keane (IRL) NICA ID: 38865773

Even without the beard, which he currently sports as the assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland, Roy Keane looks frightening.

And he is not shy to speak his mind. Before Ireland's remarkable 1-0 victory over Italy in Group E, the brutally honest Keane rallied his troops with fighting talk in his typical straight-shooting manner.

The former Ireland captain also has a cheeky side however. He showed that he can be a joker too in the Irish camp with this prank on goalkeper coach Seamus McDonagh.

Fatih Terim (TUR) NICA ID: 38808476

Nicknamed "The Emperor", Terim is a larger than life coach who is not afraid of wearing his heart on his sleeves either through his actions or his comments.

Terim, ever the proud man he is, also tooted his own horn after losing 3-0 to Spain, saying: "Almost the great achievements in Turkey were achieved by me."

The 62-year-old is known to be easily agitated. At a Euro 2016 pre-match conference, Terim could be seen getting increasingly annoyed with his interpreter. Eventually, he decided enough was enough and he walked out, leaving the hapless interpreter sitting there all alone with the media watching.

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