Euro 2016: England's shock defeat to Iceland sparks flurry of Brexit tweets and memes

England players react after the 1-2 loss to Iceland at Euro 2016.
England players react after the 1-2 loss to Iceland at Euro 2016.PHOTO: EPA

England exited Europe for the second time in a week as its national football team crashed out in the Round of 16 at Euro 2016.

Putting on a dismal showing that matches the nation's current political climate, the Three Lions fell 1-2 to minnows Iceland on Tuesday (June 28, Singapore time), described by pundits as England's most embarrassing defeat.

After yet another premature exit in an international tournament, social media was rife with schadenfreude as celebrities, politicians and fans took to mocking Wayne Rooney and Co.

European Council president Donald Tusk could not resist a dig at England's under-performing footballers, whose defeat came just days after Britain's historic referendum on Friday (June 24) to leave the European Union.

German newspaper Bild labelled the loss "Brexitson", a word play with Icelandic surnames.

#Brexit jokes were in full swing, not helped by the surname of England winger Raheem Sterling, who had an abysmal outing in France.

With certain sections of the British public calling for a Brexit revote, why not a rematch on the field too?

Argentinian footballer Fabian Rinaudo tweeted a gif of a penguin forcing a man to fall over, with the caption: "England and Iceland".

Even Argentina captain Lionel Messi, who retired from international football after losing to Chile in the Copa America final, saw his face superimposed on the England players.

Where there's sporting misery, there's bound to be a meme of Michael Jordan crying. This time, the basketball legend was linked to Queen Elizabeth.

England manager Roy Hodgson, who resigned after the match, was not spared as his puzzling tactics seemed to be at odds with his assistant Gary Neville.

Perhaps comedian John Oliver best summed up the mood around the country.

While England return to the drawing board once more, Iceland's players and fanatical support showcased the kind of spirit and unity needed to succeed at the international level.

Let's not forget the over-the-top Icelandic commentator who is fast becoming an online sensation.