Cricket: Federer apologises if his actions have hurt feelings of Pakistani supporters

DUBAI (AFP) - Roger Federer has apologised for getting caught up in the bitter rivalry between Indian and Pakistani cricket fans after he was pictured admiring the blue shirt of World Cup champions India in a marketing photo-shoot.

The 17-time Grand Slam title winner shares the same sponsor as the Indian team.

On the eve of the two sides' World Cup clash in Adelaide last weekend, Federer posted a picture on his Facebook page of him admiring a blue jersey with the caption "Dressing up for a Gentleman's game today. #BleedBlue".

"It was more of a Nike thing to be quite honest," said the Swiss star on the eve of the Dubai Open.

"It was a Nike campaign they had because I met some of the Indian players and I had just spent some time in India so they presented the shirt to me.

"I support South Africa and everybody knows that. The idea wasn't to spark any fire and I'm sorry if it did that."

The photograph certainly irritated his legion of fans in Pakistan.

One, writing in the Express Tribune, an English-language newspaper in Pakistan, claimed he had deleted all his Federer photos and taken a brief opinion poll in which 10 out of 12 Pakistanis apparently felt hurt or betrayed.

Federer sought to clarify his attitude to cricket which is being showcased at the ongoing World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Whether or not he followed cricket, "really depends where you are".

"When I'm in America, definitely not. When I'm in Europe, definitely not. But then when I'm in Australia and here (in the UAE), a little bit sometimes.

"So it really depends where I am in the world which sport I follow."

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