5 questions with... Irfan Fandi

What's on national footballer Irfan Fandi's Spotify playlist? The Straits Times finds out.


Q What is your pre-match Spotify list?

A The playlist is called RapCaviar. It keeps me going. There's rap, hip-hop, all those kinds of music.

Q What are you watching on Netflix?

A I'm watching Locked Up. It's a Spanish show set in prison, and it's really interesting.

Q What's your theme song?

A Currently, I'm listening to Death by Trippie Redd. It's quite upbeat, and it's good.

Q What is your signature phrase?

A Vamos!

Q Which athlete do you want to be for a day?

A Probably Cristiano Ronaldo, just to see how his life is as he is an amazing player.

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